BG Of The Hot Boyz To Be Released From Prison Early

pic via: HotNewHipHop

Today is not only a W for the 504,  but for all of HipHop hop.  Today BG,  of The Hot Boyz, was given a early release date from federal prison after serving 8 years of his 14 year sentence.  


BG was arrested in November of 2009 while in East New Orleans.  Allegedly, BG was leaving his girlfriends house in Uptown New Orleans, when he was stopped by police for a routine  traffic stop.  The traffic stop lead to police searching the car and finding Drugs,  three guns (of which two where stolen),  an undisclosed amount of fully loaded magazines,  and two Extendo clips.  In July of 2012 BG was given a sentence of 14 years in a federal prison for gun possession and witness tampering. 

Hopefully the return of BG means new music and art from a real OG.  Either way, we here at Hustle Dreams are just happy to see BG home and safe, and we wish him nothing but good vibes positivity when he gets home from “Vacation”.


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