Courts Order Tekashi69 To Be Released From Prison Immediately Due To Corona Pandemic

Tekashi69 did It .....he told everyone to suck his dick from the back and nothing happed.

 His legal team have been pushing for him to serve the remainder of his time on home arrest.  The courts was not having it,  but due to the growing Corona pandemic in NY a compassionate release order has been accepted.  Tekashi69 lawyers have been sending letters to the courts because he is high risks due to  "severe asthma and was recently hospitalized for bronchitis,". The judge heading the case made it very clear he has no problem with the order and the feds had until 5 pm April 1 to deny the order according to documents obtained by Inner City Press.  Well apparently the FBI did not oppose according to documents obtained by us here at Hustle Dreams, so Tekashi69 has to be released immediately...... 

 Federal Bureau of investigation response:



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