Kodak Black Arrested Not Missing!

Last night, Kodak Black missed a show in Boston and was presumed missing by a lot of media outlets. Even people on Kodak's team where at a loss for words when he never showed up for fans that waited hours.

Well reports have surfaced that Kodak was arrested by U.S. Customs. While trying to cross back into the United states Kodak's Cadillac Escalade was stopped by U.S. custom agents who then proceeded to do a search of the SUV.

Allegedly the U.S. Customs found multiple weapons and and a small amount of cannabis in the SUV, which printed his arrest. Reports are saying there was also a Porsche following Kodak's Escalade that was stopped as well. The driver of the Porsche was said to also have multiple guns that were loaded. TMZ sources are allege that Kodak black had at least 2 of the guns in his possession which if true can land Kodak in even more trouble.

With Kodak's past record this can't be good. He has been in and out of jail for most of his career. A long stay in jail, after all the beef he has started, can negatively affect his career more than we can predict. With all this going on hopefully he will fall back and chill out on the disrespect he's been showing for the OGs and our fallen soldiers.

Kodak has since been released on 20,000 bond and is now face multiple weapons charges and misdemeanor possession.
Kodak Black trolled as he is released from jail:

Fans chant "Fuck Kodak" once they realize he is not showing up to preform:

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