Soulja Boy Accused Of Kidnapping

On Feb.2, a young lady contacted local law enforcement accusing Soulja boy of kidnapping.  Soulja boys manger thinks the allegations are BS.

Friday night, Soulja boy and a young lady name Kayla where hanging out at his house located just outside of Los Angeles, but around 2:30 am Saturday morning, the two began to argue and Soulja boy told the young lady to leave.

Allegedly Kayla ,who was dating Soulja boy at the time, got into her car and reverse down the driveway only to clip the curb on her way down.  Soulja boys assistant,who had been outside watching the situation unfold, became “agitated” and the 2 started fighting. 

According to sources connected to Kayla, when  Soulja boy saw what was going on he ran out to defuse the situation.  According to Kayla, Soulja boy in fact escalated the situation by punching and kick her while she was on the ground. Kayla then clams Soulja boy took her to his garage and tied her up for 6 hours to a chair with an extension cord.

according to sources, after Kayla was untied she went home and contacted local law enforcement Saturday morning.  After contacting local law enforcement Kayla went to the hospital to have her injuries treated and was released Saturday night. Kayla clams to have 3 broken ribs and a concussion.

Law enforcement has confirmed that and kidnapping report was filed Saturday morning, and there is an active investigation going on. Since it is still an open case law enforcement will not release any information on the suspect or alleged victim.

Soulja boy is still finishing a 5-year probation sentence he received for a weapons conviction,  and is not allowed to posses a deadly weapon or threaten someone.




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