Spike Lee Done With The Nicks? “I’m being harassed by James Dolan!”

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     One of the most iconic knicks fans Spike Lee took to television this morning, to give his statement after video surfaced of security attempting to remove Mr. Lee from Madison Square Garden. Owner claims new policy, Knicks spokesman says "Lee just used the wrong entrance". Spike says no one told him anything and after this he won't be attending any more Knicks game for the rest of this season.

     For 28 years Nicks celebrity super fan Spike Lee has used the employee entrance to access his court side seats. Last night was the first time in those 28 years that he was not allowed to use the entrance. This is where things get tricky. Spike claims that no one notified him or his team about the policy change, which lead to a pretty heated exchange between MSG security and Mr.Lee. During the exchange Me.Lee claims that they where trying to get him to exit the arena and attempt entry through another entrances. Here's the thing any who attends events knows that once your ticket is scanned it can not be scanned again and once you leave there is no reentry. So there was clearly some shady shots be called by the owner James Dolan.

     Now these accounts clearly don't line up with those that were released by the Knicks. Even the Knicks spokesman had a different statement in which he claimed that "Lee just use the wrong entrance". So with the different stories we'll just have to watch and see how this plays out.

You can watch Spike Lee tell his side here:





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